Teaching Material: PHY3012/Plasticity in the visual system in development

Interesting A man with only half a brain A study of a man who recovered vision after decades of being blind: Fine et al. (2003) Long-term deprivation affects visual perception and cortex. Nat. Neurosci. 6, p915. How Utter Darkness Could Heal Lazy Eye: related to ocular dominance critical period. Giving blind people sight illuminates the brain’s secrets General review Anderson et al (2011) Do children really recover better?
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Teaching Material: PHY3111/Prac

More about extracellular recording Wikipedia entry about single-unit recording Extracellular single-unit Recording Methods: a paper by Humphrey & Schmidt

Teaching Material: PHY3111/Color Vision

Interesting articles Impossible colours: You can experience colours that you have never seen before. Some women are tetrachromatic. They can see more colours than most people can. The rainbow does not contain all the colours that we can see. For example, magenta. Dressgate Disrobing the dress:A very detailed webpage about the dress. Lessons from the dress: by vision scientist Pascal Wallisch. The science of why no one agrees on the color of this dress: an article on Wired.
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