One music album that I used to play a lot of was called Night of Short Lives. It was published in the 90’s under the artist name Frame Cut Frame. It’s very hard to describe what kind of music it was. The publisher called it “unclassical music”, because the music had the classical texture, but not the classical form. The CD was just one of those random things that I had.
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I bought this jam made from the native Australian plant finger lime Citrus australasica. I wasn’t expecting much because with enough sugar, all jams taste alike. But this is very different. At the first taste, it’s like a citrus but then the citrus taste is replaced by something very bitter. It’s weird. I will have no problem finishing this jar.

I walked past Melbourne University’s Grainger Museum, which is dedicated to the Australian composer Percy Grainger. Kudos to the Wiggles for adapting one of his compositions into a children’s song.