Teaching Material: PHY3111/Color Vision

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Interesting articles


The history of colour research

Colour blindness

  • A Good website about colour blindness

Illusions and demonstrations

Animal colour vision

  • A video about animal colour vision
  • In earlier versions of my lecture, I said that the Austrian zoologist Karl von Frisch was the first person to show that non-human animals had colour vision. This is historically incorrect. His groundbreaking research in 1914 was the first to show that insects (specifically, the honeybee) had colour vision. He was also the first person to show that goldfish had color vision. His findings are important because it was thought that only mammals had colour vision.


  • “Color Vision: Perspectives from Different Disciplines” edited by Werner Backhaus, Reinhold Kliegl and John Simon Werner (1998)

Colour and culture

Colour and art

Review papers