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As an industry researcher in AI:

  • I use machine learning and statistical methods to build AI applications in ophthalmology. I have also filed two patents in medical AI.
  • This paper, published in the clinical journal Ophthalmology Glaucoma, uses deep convolutional neural networks to assess the visual functions of glaucoma patients based on OCT scans of the retina.
    • The souce code, written in Python and Keras, Will be released as an open source package by IBM Research.
  • This paper, published in the high impact journal Science Advances, uses unsupervised machine learning algorithms (implemented in Tensorflow) to solve a problem in neuroscience.
    • This is an implementation of the algorithm (written in python and tensorflow).
    • This is an extension of the algorithm for spherical coordinates.

As a data scientist:

  • I have 10 years of experience curating and analyzing physiological and clinical data. Also experienced in the negotiation and sharing/licensing of clinical data.
  • This GitHub repo is a sample project that uses classical and Bayesian methods to analyze a dataset in visual neuroscience. The code (presented as a Jupyter notebook) is written in R and the Bayesian package JAGS.
  • This GitHub repo is a sample project that demonstrates the role of data science in education. I wrote an article about it.
  • This gallery is a portfolio of my data visualization work.
  • Topy is a package I developed for analyzing and visualizing data collected on spherical surfaces. It’s a type of type common in visual neuroscience. Topy has been used to generate beautiful figures in several publications.
  • Examples of techniques used in published work:
  • Other techniques: multivariate statistics, dimension reduction, matrix decomposition… etc.

As a vision scientist and neuroscientist:

  • I used electrophysiology, imaging, and computational modeling to study a diverse range of topics, including brain mapping, neuroplasticity, evolution, neuroanatomy, and the processing of visual signals.
  • See my Research page for details.

As a science communicator:

  • I have published a series of popular science articles about neuroscience, vision, and history of science for the Chinese-speaking community.
  • I also write an English blog in my own site. An article that I posted on Medium in 2016 has accumulated more than 10,000 views.
  • This article uses data science to debunk a myth about koalas.


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