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Personal projects

Web apps

  • Parallel Timelines: A webapp for comparing multiple lines of historical events in parallel. Written in NodeJS and React.

Data analysis

  • Bayesian regression: use Bayesian methods to analyze a dataset in visual neuroscience. Written in R and the Bayesian package JAGS.
  • This GitHub repo is a sample project that demonstrates the values of data science in education. I wrote an article about it.

Literate programs

Inspired by the Programs to Read section of Professor Donald Knuth’s website, I am enthusiastic about writing programs that can also be read as essays.

  • Why Functional Programming Matters - An intermediate-level tutorial on Python’s generators, based on John Hughes' classic paper “Why Function Programming Matters”, which was written in the lazy functional language Miranda.

  • Continued fraction arithmetic - A Python implementation of Bill Gospher’s algorithm for performing arithmetic operations on continued fractions. I also wrote an article to explain the logic.