Hsin-Hao Yu (PhD)

I'm a DECRA (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award) Research Fellow at Department of Physiology, Monash University. My main research interest is in the organization of the primate visual cortex. I received my PhD from The Department of Cognitive Science, UC San Diego.

Recent publications:

  • Yu, H-H & Rosa MGP (2013) Uniformity and diversity of response properties of neurons in the primary visual cortex: selectivity for orientation, direction of motion and stimulus size from centre to far periphery. Visual Neuroscience (in press).

  • Chaplin, TA, Yu, H-H, Soares, JGM, Gattass, R, Rosa, RGP (2013) A conserved pattern of differential expansion of cortical areas in simian primates. Journal of Neuroscience 33, 15120-15125.

  • Yu, H-H, Chaplin, TA, Egan, GW, Reser, DH, Worthy, KH, Rosa, MGP (2013) Visually revoked responses in extrstraite area MT after lesions of striate cortex in early life. Journal of Neuroscience 33, 12479-12489.

  • Chaplin, TA, Yu, H-H & Rosa, MGP (2013) Representation of the visual field in the primary visual area of the marmoset monkey: magnification factors, point-image size, and proportionality to retinal ganglion cell density. Journal of Comparative Neurology 521, 1001-1019.

  • Yu, H-H, Chaplin, TA, Davies, AJ, Verma, R & Rosa, MGP (2012) A specialized area in limbic cortex for fast analysis of peripheral vision. Current Biology 22, 1351-1357.

  • Reser, DH, Burman, J, Yu, H-H, Chaplin, TA, Richardson, KE, Worthy, KH & Rosa, MGP (2012) Contrasting patterns of cortical input to architectural subdivisions of the area 8 complex: a retrograde tracing study in marmoset monkeys. Cerebral Cortex 23, 1901-1922.

  • Burman, K, Reser, R, Yu, H-H & Rosa, MGP (2011) Cortical input to the frontal pole of the marmoset monkey. Cerebral Cortex 21, 1712-1737.

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  • Rosa, MGP, Palmer, SM, Gamerini, M, Burman, KJ, Yu, H-H, Reser, DH, Bourne, J, Tweedale, R & Galletti, C (2009) Connections of the dorsomedial visual area: pathways for early integration of dorsal and ventral streams in extrastriate cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 29, 4548-4563.